About Me

Hello and Welcome to Garden Studio Arts

My name is Theresa Malein, and I live in rural Staffordshire

I have always loved to draw and paint, and when I was young, I imagined that I would make my living through art.

However, circumstances led me in a different direction, and I spent over thirty years working as a mental health nurse. It was not until I retired in 2016 that I was able to concentrate on my art work.

I find my inspiration in nature and natural forms, which leads my work to portray the amazing beauty of our countryside, through landscapes and seascapes. My aim is to encourage the viewer to engage more with the natural environment, which we really need to protect, both for wildlife and for humanity. Research has shown how much our mental health can benefit from time spent in nature, something we all need in these troubled times. 

I have also always been fascinated by faces and the human form, and I love to paint or draw them. From a very young age, I used to spend my break times at school drawing portraits for my classmates! 

Please have a browse through my work, and if you wish to purchase artwork head to the Shop. If you would like a commission, please send me an email



I’m happy to take commissions for landscapes or portraits. A view of a favourite place, or a portrait of a loved one make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas or special anniversaries!  You can contact me via email to tell me what you would like. Please include a phone number and email address and I will call you to discuss your requirements. Clear photographs are essential, and if the commission is for a portrait, two or three photos are helpful for me to get an idea of the personality behind the face!

I will always agree a price with you before starting the work. I require a 50% non-refundable deposit before commencing the work, with the remainder due prior to me shipping the painting. During the creative process, you will be kept informed of progress, and will have two opportunities to make changes should you wish. Prices vary according to the size and content of the work – obviously a portrait of three people will cost more than one, and larger works are more expensive than smaller ones. The minimum price for a commission is £150. 


Many thanks for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy looking at my work!