New Winter Paintings Series

Here are the first two paintings in my new Winter Paintings Series. Inspired by the colours of winter, I have tried to depict the beauty of a cold winter’s day – the crisp, frosty foliage, the icy water, the quality of the light, the shadows in the snow. In the depths of winter, although nature is at a standstill, it is still a very special time, and has it’s own particular beauty.

There is nothing better than a walk in a crisp, bright winter wonderland of heavy frost or snow. These sights always inspire me to get the paints out – and I take loads of photos to work from. I’m lucky to live in a rural area, near to a reservoir which always provides lots of painting ideas.

‘White Christmas’

These paintings are both in acrylics, which I find lend themselves well to the textures and shapes of a winter landscape. I will probably do another two or three to complete the series. (These paintings appear on the For Sale page, with details of sizes and prices). In the meantime, take care, keep warm, but above all keep safe and follow the COVID rules!!

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