Autumn Colours Series

Here we are well into Autumn, the autumn colours are in full swing, the trees are losing their leaves, and we have the nights drawing in. To be honest, I’m a summer person, but autumn does have its compensations. A clear sunny autumn day is certainly a blessing, and the colours seem to be intensified when bathed in sunlight.
With this in mind, I decided to do a series of autumn colours paintings. I have now completed four pictures, all done in acrylics.

‘Autumn Fruits’
‘Autumn Woodland’
Autumn Leaves
Autumn gifts

I will probably do another two to complete the Autumn Colours Series. I haven’t totally decided on the subject matter yet, but hope to start number five next week. Watch this space! For details of size and price, see the For Sale page.

That’s all for today – Take care, stay safe, and enjoy what’s left of the autumn colours. Winter will be upon us before we know it!

With best wishes


Reference photos for the first three pictures from

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