‘Autumn Colours Series’, painting number 5

Hello again, and welcome to my blog!

As autumn turns to winter, I have now completed the ‘Autumn Colours Series’, with painting number 5. This one is called ‘AutumnSunlight’, painted in acrylic on stretched canvas, and measuring 40 x 30 cm. It is somewhat different in style, whilst still using the beautiful autumn colours that we all love. I think it shows how calm and serene an autumn day can be, with no wind and the sunlight shining on the water. Days like this are to be savoured before the duller light and colder temperatures of winter set in.

The trees are now mostly bare, and the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worst. Winter is definitely here – something I think many of us have not been looking forward to, especially given the difficult circumstances we are all living in at the moment. But at least we have Christmas to look forward to, even if it may not be quite as we would have hoped.

Don’t forget that an original painting makes a great Christmas gift. If you are thinking along those lines, check out my ‘For Sale’ page, where you will find the ‘Autumn Colours Series’ displayed with sizes and prices, along with many other works for sale. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying a painting. Prices are inclusive of carriage charges so there are no nasty surprises!

But now that winter is here, my thoughts have turned to what I am going to be painting next. I have already started on a winter scene, which will be featured in my next blog. Until then, stay safe, stay vigilant.

All the best everyone,


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